Flu, COVID, and Cancer: Is there a connection?

Our bodies are wonderfully made. Have you ever considered what your body is capable of doing? Do you know someone that has recovered from something that was life changing? I think of people I know that have had terrible car wrecks, cancer survivors, strokes etc. and they survived and are thriving. How amazing is that!

How crazy is it that your body can recover from these types of events and yet something we cannot even see (Flu, COVID etc) can have us so afraid. My hope is that as you read this you and I can come up with a plan to reduce some of that fear and give you the freedom to move closer to "normal life".

Here at team Regel we want you to thrive in everything that you do. To accomplish this we have to concentrate on your immune system. The title above talked about connecting Flu, COVID and Cancer. The connection is the immune system. I am sure you already know that your body has a self protect mechanism called your immune system. Your immune system seeks and destroys foreign items and foreign cells that your body sees as a threat.

Consider this: When you get sick with an infection, you head to the doctor and expect for he or she to prescribe you something that will kill the "bug" that is causing the infection. If the infection is known or assumed to be caused by a bacteria, virus or fungus, the physician will prescribe and anti-biotic, anti-viral or anti-fungal medication.

What are these medications doing in your body? They are assisting your bodies immune system in fighting off these infections. They can also kill off the good bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract. This is the reason Probiotics are so important.

Ok, but how is this all connected to cancer you may ask? Well our immune system is not only getting rid of items that are foreign to our body (ie virus, fungus, bacteria) but also cells that are not made correctly by the body. These cells, left unattended, may become cancer. Not to add more fear, but it has been theorized that we all have cancer cells in our body most of the time. But with a healthy immune system we can eliminate these cells

My hope to calm your fear is to provide you with an individualized plan to improve your immune system. Can we create a healthy immune system? I believe we have all the tools necessary to do this.

Simple "known" steps you can take to improve your immune system.

  1. Get vaccinated - I do recommend most vaccinations. There are a few that I am not too crazy about. Contact me to discuss.

  2. Eat right - your immune system starts in your gut (mouth, stomach and intestines). A healthy gut has the most potential to help your immune system. Poor gut health can overwork your immune system.

  3. Rest well - Not just sleep but also taking the time during the day to de-stress. Your body needs to recover and stress can overwork your immune system.

Now let's talk about what more you can do to improve your immune system.

The Basics

Probiotic - A high quality Probiotic can improve gut health. If you have stomach issues (reflux, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, food sensitivities etc) your immune system is activated and be weakened. A probiotic puts back the bacteria that will help heal the gut. There are 1000's of choices for probiotics out there. I am happy to help you choose the right one for you.

Vitamin D3 - I recommend 2,000iu up to 10,000iu every day. I also recommend that you have your Vitamin D blood level checked every time you have your blood drawn. This critical vitamin is one of the key pieces in supporting your immune system. Pro tip: I like so see Vitamin D blood levels between 50 and 80. Your physician may be happy with levels between 30 and 80. The optimal level of 50 will provide you with the most benefit. Let me know and I can help create a plan to get you there ASAP.

Vitamin C - Another key nutrient that we are likely not getting enough of in our diet. Vitamin C is a critical component that help us make enzymes. These enzymes break down and eliminate substances that are foreign to our bodies or are toxic to our bodies.


Multi-Vitamin that includes all the B-vitamins and zinc. The nutrients in a good multi-vitamin can benefit in many areas of the immune system. Two key parts that are of most importance to your immune system are the B-vitamins and Zinc. If you take a multi-vitamin, consider the forms of these nutrients. I always look for zinc in a chelated form. Chelation means that the zinc is attached to an amino acid. This allows your body to absorb or take it in easier.

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